Pick Ups for My GIRLS!!!
For Jo, Konya & Shelley This is where I will put your tags from now on!! Hope it's ok huns!! Much love, Shivonne XOXOX
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For Debra *NortenaDcorazon*
These tags are for my DEAR friend Debra here at Piczo! Thanks Deb for all your KINDNESS, generosity and loving care and beautiful works of art! XOXO
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For Stacey
Here you go hun! XOXO
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Family Photos
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OR you can just go here:

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Tags made for Shivonne
Jun 13, 2005

These tags are all made by other people. I do NOT take credit for the creation of any of these beautiful tags! I want to thank ANY one who has EVER made me a tag, especially if you happen to drop by here! I have MANY tags but am only sharing a few for now. Thanks for stoping by and hope you enjoyed the gorgeous tags that were made for me! I sure do!

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