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Photos from the games/events etc. If you are wanting to purchase any of these photos, please email me at shmacky@me.com $15 for a CD of all the photos from a particular game. $50 for a DVD at the end of a season with all the photos from that season. Cheers guys.

Lindfield Barbarian Tournaments
Photos from the legendary Barbarians' tours across the globe in search of more medals
albums: 1
LRU 2006 Season
subfolders: 5 and albums: 2
LRU 2007 Season
albums: 7
LRU 2008 Season
albums: 12
LRU 2009 Season
Photos from Lindfield Rugby's 2009 Season.
albums: 7
LRU 2010 Season
Lindfield, back in Division 1!
albums: 1
LRU 2011 Season
albums: 1