Okay Beautiful Ladies! It's a New Year! I know I have been MIA for many months now, but between family, school, kids activities, church, etc...I just have not had the time to devote to fotki as much as would like. Hopefully with God moving swiftly in my life time will open up and I'll be able to post more regularly. That said.....2009 ended with single braids that I wore from October until January. Let's see what creativeness we can come up with this year. Also 2010 is the year for me to be thin. To many I am not big, but to myself I am bigger than I am use to, and that is in the change mode also. My 10th Anniversary is in March and I want to be the fresh, thin, in shape woman he met and fell in love with again.
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2009 Hair & Life
So here we are in 2009, with our new President (Go President Obama and first family)! So this year I am doing more moisture focus but what I am adding is styling adventures. I need to do more styling, try new things, I am simple but I like to jump out the box every now and then.....not too much though! (hehe). All the folders will be here for 2009, and as the month comes along so will the pics and notes! Enjoy! Enjoy Your HAIR, Enjoy Your LIFE, Enjoy Your JOURNEY! Good Luck sistas on your journey through this space and moment called LIFE! Make the most of it and give back in anyway you can! I pledge to to be a better person and extend a hand to someone I don't know, AND to smile more at perfect strangers!
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SoBe's Hair Pilgrimage
In this album you'll find my hair regimen, and styles (theres not many), but I am getting better with styling. Basically anything dealing with my hair. I love suggestions and questions so bring it on. I love sharing this hair journey with other woman. GIRL POWER! ( I know, I am straight corny) 08/09/08 -- My routine has changed drastically. I do not wash daily. I do cornrows quite often and braid outs. Staples: 1. Aloe Vera Gel 2. Olive and Coconut Oil 3. EMBC (Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner) 4. QB Olive Cream Conditioner & Detangler (but this maybe temp. discontinued) 08/11/08 -- My Cassia arrived on Saturday. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, woohoo! I will be applying it sometime this week. I will do pics and maybe even a video. I've been wanting to do a video for some time, I just don't know how interested people would be in those. Anyway, we'll see. Check back soon! 08/29/08 ------- Did Cassia treatment like 08/13/08, haven't had a chance to upload. It was soooooo boring doing this app alone. Next time African-Cheetah and I will definitely have wine, food, video and music to accompany our hair party!
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Product Folder
Things I use, things I've tried, things I've discontinued.....
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This album includes my budding photography, blessings album,
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