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April 2010

Surprise!! MORE wash and go's! You'd think I'd have something more exciting for my birthday month (Go Aries!) but clearly I am lazy and uninterested. :)

New Products I love - S-Curl & Stay Soft Fro

Wash & Go Formula: Suave Naturals Almond & Shea Butter followed by Castor Oil and ended with Eco Styler Gel ( I was using clear, now in the trial stage with the Olive Oil)

Do a final rinse in COOOOOLD water. Shake Shake Shake. Plop & Go.

To Maintain I tie a scarf over the front and sleep on a satin pillow case. In the morning a spray with Stay Soft Fro, or S-Curl & my rosewater moisture mix (rosewater, aloe vera juice, glycerine & Silk Amino Acids) Then shake/fluff and out. Takes about 10 minutes.

I was bored this past saturday and decided to straighten my hair. This is my first time doing it myself since I went natural. After conditioning I applied Aphogee Green Tea & Keratin Restructurizer. Then I used Original Sabino Moisture Block as my heat protectant.

I blowdried my hair with my Conair Yellowbird in six sections with a comb attachment, and followed that with the comb chase method & my Sedu 1" flat iron on (gasp) 410 degrees. My hair literally got straight in 1 pass. I was amazed. It was sleeker than my relaxed hair had ever gotten on first pass!

These are my first blow out pics of my natural hair..once it cools down a bit I might have to rock it like that.