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A place for all the information I have gathered relating mostly to my PATERNAL family line. Names included so far: * SMITH * ARMSTRONG * MCGREGOR * BUTCHER * STANILAND Further names I will be researching in the future (In NSW): * RAMSAY * CHANDLER * MCFARLANE * COWLEY * TEMLETT * EVANS ***************************************************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************************************************** Some of the family names being researched in my MATERNAL line include: • SPENCE • DIEMAR • LAMAN • DEE • THOMPSON • LILLY • TARRANT • TULLIS **************************************************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************************************************** Other information I hope to include in the future is from my childrens' PATERNAL line: • REYNOLDS -- (Staffordshire, England) • CARTWRIGHT -- (Staffordshire, England) • GOARD -- (Devon / Cornwall area England) • MORGAN -- (Wales)
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Just some pictures of this and that ... my gorgeous children, Ben & Kirby ... our pets ... even my renovating attempts (which are still underway ....does anyone know a good (cheap) painter? lol, Plus some pics of my conference trips to Melbourne and Adelaide and Perth. Anyway, I hope while you're here, you enjoy browsing! ☺
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