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RENOVATIONS - Part One - or - What I did on my summer holidays! - DECEMBER 2007

This is a work in progress ... I'm working to a 25 year plan!!!!

I started with some painting on Wednesday 19th December 2007

When the work inside gets a tad too much ... I head outside to get some fresh air, and spruce up my garden a bit.

hmmmm, I seem to be heading outside far more than I'm staying indoors!! :$

SUNDAY 6th January:

I have finally got motivated again after the holidays .. and decided that instead of battling with taking up the vinyl in the kitchen ... that I would pull the carpet up in the dining area instead! As you can see ... Bob is still acting as a consultant supervisor ... sticking his nose in all the time!

I only got half the dining area tiled this afternoon ... cos I kept kicking my broken toe :( and these knees ain't what they used to be either :S ...
I shall continue tomorrow :)

OH! and I think those blue curtains will definitely have to be replaced somewhere down the track as well ;)

FRIDAY 11th January.... the last official day of my holidays .. sob sob ... why is life so cruel? ;)

The day started off well .. the carpet cleaner arrived bright and early and did a great job on both the carpet and the lounge .. so then I was off to Spotlight for a little shopping .. it's when I got home again things went downhill fast :|

First, the new colour cordinated sofa covers didn't fit! grrrrr ... then when I went to install a new blind ... I had bought the wrong size :$ ... I accidently read the depth measurement instead of the width :$ ... sheesh ... how dumb can ya be and still be breathing? .. anyway, that can be exchanged. So then I started recovering my dining chairs ... and the stoopid stoopid staple gun decided to have a spaz attack ... and after three staples, refused to work again ... so I guess it's a new staple gun tomorrow ;) .. at least I got a couple of new curtains hung ;)

I didn't complete everything I wanted .. but at least I made a bloody excellent start .. the other small jobs can be done over the coming weekends... or months ;)

I still need that massage though :(


White bouganvillea ... not in flower at the moment .. but absolutely gorgeous when it is!

I love bouganvillea ... makes me feel like I am living somewhere tropical! ;)

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