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2007 Hot Import Nights Photos

Photos from HIN - ORLANDO 2007 Thanks to the HIN Staff, the models, Ryan for having me out there on the Escalade, Vinnie, and everyone else! I am horrible with names, so I apologize in advance!

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2007 Orlando HIN

Mail me at if you have any questions.

HIN Fans/Models: Add your self to

If you are a model - and you want to add your self to my two other pages you can do that as well.

UGH! I think im going to bring a lighting rig to the Miami show, shooting pitch black is no fun :(

** ALSO ** You can leave comments under each of the photos. The FULL size photos, have a spot below them. Feel Free :)

I have received countless requests from folk's wanting FREE images. To the folks I had spoken too, and told I would give a couple to - I honor that. I am there to shoot as freelance for local media agencies, I do not get paid till they are used. Majority of the people asking were paid to be there, and wouldn't do it for free - put your self in my shoes. If I know you personally and have worked with you before - you know I have no issue.

Thanks in advance..
Photos are not to be used on any other site, or copied off this site. If used w/out permission I will seek to have them removed. Please ask me before using.

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