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Gentleman I will be putting up the photos hear in a bit, but I ask that you please read this first so there are no issues going forward. If you don't agree with the terms of the usage, I understand but every photographer is different.

I will post the pictures up on my fotki site for purchase for everyone. I will reduce the price of the photos from normal prices that I would charge for an event. I will do this on a trial basis...

If you do purchase photos that does not mean you own the rights to the photos. That is typical of any photography however most people are not aware of that. (eg. I shoot a concert and I am paid to shoot it) I may allow the production company to purchase prints but at no time are they allowed to put them online (via scan) unless they do so with photo credit and or watermark. Again this is typical in sports as well.

If you request a photo for facebook from me, I will place a watermark on it that is NOT to be edited in, in any shape or form. You can use it on your myspace, facebook, etc... however if you edit this in anyway I will go through facebook or myspace for a copyright violation. I do this for anyone, anything... I ask that everyone respect this. Since I don't charge to come out, this is advertising of sorts.

Again, I appreciate your respect in this matter but I feel it's better to be up front vs. having any types of issues. I generally do not when I shoot for NCAA teams, bowl games, etc... but I want to cover all my bases..

If all goes well with this, and no one goes out and crops logos etc.. ill start working on jax as well...


*IF YOU ORDER A PHOTO* and you go to CROP it to fit an 8x10 etc.. and it does NOT look like it will fit, please don't order it. Rather tell me which photo, what size you want it in, and I may have to recrop it to accomodate your photo size. Some of them I can go up to a 16x20 or better so just let me know.

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