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My curls My routine is pretty simple I use a cheap conditioner to detangle and CO wash, scrub, leave for a bit and then add a bit of sweet almond oil+olive oil+conditioner on the ends and rinse it all well. Then I apply richer conditioner, but only a tiny bit, just to detangle again. After that, upside down on dripping wet hair I apply a leave-in (I use Pantene leave-in for curls) and gel (strong hold), smoothing it then raking and finally scrunching it in a bit. These days I also run a paddle brush (still upside-down head) on the bottom half of my hair to create clumps which I separate with a comb, scrunch and then plop for about 30 - 40 mins. That's pretty much it. I do an ACV rinse every now and again. Sometimes I clarify with lemon juice and some other times I shampoo with a SLS free shampoo.

Random Curls

Just some pics of my curls. Some are from still air-drying, some with dry hair on the same day I washed it and some are from second or third hair day. They are all mixed, sorry, I'm feeling lazy *looks down in shame* =)

Great site!

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From wet to dry - De mojado a seco
Nov 17, 2007

I washed my hair with my usual routine, plopped for 30 mins and air-dry the rest of the day. Went to sleep with pineappled hair and took some more pics this morning. I forgot to take pics of the pinapple last night, I have some on my other album, I think.

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Let's see how long it lasts
Nov 29, 2007

From washing to washing

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When my curls are having fun

I always post photos of my curls when they are behaving. This time, though, I'm posting photos of when my curls and I are having fun, so there's wind blowing them, rain making them look like a wet dog's, etc.

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