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Surprise Lake Arizona

Pics by Al Runyon 2005-8-30

Al and I found a doggie park about 3 miles down the road and went there for the first time Friday night. It is very new and has not got the tree growth and shade yet so It is only good to go to very early in the morning and the evening.

While we were there I saw a couple of ducks (domestic) they looked like runner/crosses but they never got out of the water so not sure but at least there was a pack of them. they were all white with a bit of tan on them.

Al has been going in the mornings and the evenings and last night he said that while they were there there was a flock of about 10 Canadian Geese come over and land on the large lake. He is going to try to see if they are there this morning and get a pic.

The dog park is great it has two areas, one for the large dogs and one for the little dogs. it is totally fenced in and you are alowed to unleash your dog and just let it run and play. All of the dogs seem to get along really well. Even Peches got along with all the dogs there the night I went. It is really a great idea and will be super when the trees grow and it is shadier.

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