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Lucky looking for more luck

Published: October 19, 2005 02:18 am

Lucky looking for more luck

By Carol Cole

Transcript Staff Writer

Lucky is looking for better luck on the second of his nine lives.

The black cat survived being shot through the head with an arrow last weekend near the corner of Denison Drive and Berry Road.

He looks a lot better today ... yesterday he looked like he had a hangover, said Norman veterinarian Dr. Nancy Harrington of All Pets Veterinary Clinic. Lucky still does not have an appetite, she said.

Harrington went on faith that the public would help the cats owner pay for Saturdays surgery and an overnight stay in an animal critical care hospital, which totaled $1,393.50. About three-fourths of that amount went for the surgery at the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Hospital in northwest Oklahoma City.

Lucky was transferred back to Harringtons clinic Sunday.

He was just so lucky. We X-rayed it and the arrow went right underneath the brain carriage just by a hair, she said, about when she first examined him.

After Lucky was injured, owner Lisa Swain told Harrington she would probably have to euthanize the cat because she and her husband couldnt afford the veterinary bills for the surgery.

I knew that that was the overriding factor, that they had no money, the veterinarian said. But when I saw the cat, the cat was in there fighting to survive and actually came home with that arrow stuck through his head.

Harrington said she thought to herself that it was not the cats fault.

So I tried to get it some help, she said.

Harrington canceled her morning appointments to treat the cat, make arrangements and report the crime to police.

She said Swain feels badly that the cat was outside. Lucky will be neutered and in the future will be kept in.

Her husband is extremely attached to the cat, Harrington said.

Lucky had some help from an anonymous benefactor, who put up the funds to guarantee payment for the surgery through Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, Normans no-kill animal shelter where Harrington was a founder. The benefactor will hopefully be paid back through donations, she said.

So we got that cat up there on that promise of payment and so now were just trying to see how much money we can collect in, Harrington said.

So far, thats about $100.

Weve had calls from as far as Texas, Harrington said. We had a little girl empty out her piggybank and bring it in a Ziploc bag. It was real cute.

She is hoping Lucky will be well enough to go home this weekend. The cat may have damage to his ear canal that may also need treatment in the future.

The owners have pledged to Harrington to work on paying a portion of the cats care.

The trauma of his injury is a good reason not to let a cat outside, Harrington said, particularly a black cat the month before Halloween.

It doesnt take very long (for a cat to get hurt), she said, noting the hazards of cars, disease, antifreeze and other dangers. Its tough, but we recommend they keep them indoors.

Donations to help with Luckys expenses may be made to All Pets Veterinary Clinic, 4603 W. Main St., Norman, OK 73072.

Carol Cole


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2005-10-19 Norman veterinarian Dr. Nancy Harrington holds Lucky, a cat that was shot through the head with an arrow last weekend. Lucky had surgery and is expected to live.   The Norman Transcript
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2005-10-19  Lucky is recovering from surgery after being shot by an arrow last weekend.
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