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Devera & Bruce Morgan; Royse City, Texas - Ducks and Chickens

ANATIDA / Terra Copia (Devera Morgan)

As of July 2002 Devera sold most her flock

Business: Terra Copia (R)
Location: Royse City, Hunt Co, Texas (about 30 miles east of Dallas)

I am a 33 yr old Stay-home/homeschooling Mom to Gabriel age 4, and Elizabeth 14 months. Hubby, also 33, is a custom software developer in Dallas.
I am trying to get our homestead and retail store off the ground so that hubby can come home and take over childcare duties. <haha>

Currently I have the following chickens & ducks, as well as 2 young pigmy goats that we will breed when they are of age.


White Pekin

Buff Duck

A beauty I hatched and have no idea what he is :-)

Lost my Blue Swede hen in the last 2 weeks :(


Light Brahmas
Black Australorp
Buff Orpingtons
White Rocks

And I'm trying my hand at creating an Americana(hen)/Barred Rock(roo) mix.
Since my Brahma chicks keep dying I'm also currently trying to mix my Light Brahma(hen) with my Black Australorp(roo)

I will also be breeding Great Danes soon. Anyone close with a Champion Sire? She is a gorgeous harliquin and AKC purebred

possible dads and son.
All photos copywrited 2001

possible dads and son.

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Uploaded: March 23, 2002
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  • Bill (Private)
    11 years ago
    Thats a DUCK NOT A CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!