Creme of Nature (CON) Sulfate-Free Shampoo Alternatives

For all of those who do not know by now, Creme of Nature is replacing the original shampoos for a new "organic" line that is no longer sulfate free. At first I was pretty upset yet I still wanted to try the new stuff, until I saw that the prices jumped over 2 bucks in my area. Also, the fact that they have been not been receptive to my calls, emails, and letters have really turned me off from Creme of Nature. This shampoo has been on the market for over 30 years and I am appalled that they are continuing to sell this new stuff despite numerous complaints from women (and men) from the various hair boards that I visit. This makes me think that they have no respect for their loyal consumers.

So I have decided to end my loyalty with Creme of Nature and find other (cheap) sulfate-free alternatives that work just as well. This album will mark the alternatives that I have tried as well as my reviews of the products. I decided to make this album because I know there are a lot of you out there searching for your CON alternatives. I hope this helps someone.

My Hairtype: 4a/b Texlaxed, prone to tangling
Issues: Tangling

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Hair Journey to WSL 2008-2009!

**EDITED August 15, 2008-I will like to apologize for not updating this fotki. Life has been so busy for me. I will update soon to show my current products as well as length pics. I cut back to BSL in which I'm hoping to reach my goal WSL in Janurary of 2009. Thanks for being patient.

**EDITED 5/2009 I am no longer able to respond to all comments. But if you have a question, please post it and I'll answer back. It may not be that day, but I will respond :D

I'm hoping these are the last years of my 'growing it out' phase. I hope to be WSL by 4/2009. From then on out, I plan to keep it at a low WSL and continously trim the bone straight ends off until I am 100% texlaxed. Once that happens, I may go blunt and/or keep growing. Well see. Wish me luck and I will try and document the progress!

Regimen is located in the Regimen and Products album.

2008-2009 RELAXERS

--11/13/2008 (will be doing a corrective 11/22/08)
--4/29/2009 OR 5/3/2009???...Should have wrote it down :/

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Hair Grown to BSL for 2006-08

This folder marks how close I am to reaching my Bra Strap Goal (December, 2006).

I hope it works out and of course I will document my progress. Thank you so much to the ladies who have helped me and encouraged me either way. I really appreciate it.

Regimen located in the Regimen and Products album.

2007 Relaxers:
-February 23, 2007

-May 19, 2007

-August 17, 2007

-September 17, 2007 (my hair was just TOO uncontrollable. I had to do a corrective with ORS no-lye regular).

December 24, 2007

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My Regimen and the Products I Use

Leave me questions, comments or any information that you may want to relay. I'll get back with you as soon as possible.

*~*~*~My regimen*~*~*~*~

Once per week I:
Shampoo (lather only once)
Deep condition
Add leave-in cream
Put hair up in 1 big two-strand twist
Airdry using "The Scarf Method"

Moisturize once a day and seal with an oil

Light protein treatments once every 2-3 weeks

Big aphogee treatment 1 week post relaxer

Relax every 12-14 weeks with Profectiv No-Lye Relaxer

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Airdrying/Baggying 101

Hey ladies, This is an airdrying tutorial, for anyone who buns or who is using low heat. In this album, I am about 5 weeks post-relaxer, but I look like I am about ten lol. I am a 4a/b, and relaxed, but I think this can work out for anyone. All you need is some products and a silk/satin scarf. With that being said, let's get it started!!!

**I no longer do the baggie method anymore however, I do air-dry using the scarf method. But please feel free to utilize this if you feel it's best for your hair. I'm also open to answering any questions that you may have.

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No Heat/Manipulation Hairstyles

This folder marks the hair styles that I've done in during my "No heat/manipulation" challenge.

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