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Las Vegas November 2004

11/26- 11/30 over 400 pics for your viewing pleasure. majorly photos of scenery since we didn't have anyone to take photos of us.The photos all have Titles and descriptions so those of you who are either bored or interested enough can read them

ToNis PiCs
Me and Babe in Vegas

the few photos of me and my hubbie on vaca. the pics that we bought from the gondola ride, harrah's,the stratosphere,and the shark reef will be posted as soon as i can track someone down that has a scanner..
= )

ToNis PiCs
Coming Home from Vegas 11/30
Nov 30, 2004

Photos on the plane, of other planes, from the plane and, landing...not very interesting photos

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ToNis PiCs
Las Vegas 11/29
Nov 29, 2004

*cheese fries
*water show
*checking out
*waiting for shuttle to airport
-Monte Carlo
-Ride to the airport
-Driving to Kawasaki in our rental car
*Trapeze Show
*Thrill Rides: High Roller, XScream, Big Shot
-Treasure Island
*Siren's of ti show
*V theatre show

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ToNis PiCs
Las Vegas Photos 11/28
Nov 28, 2004

Luxor and Bikinis photos are from after midnight on Saturday 11/27 the rest are Sunday 11/28
- Luxor
- Bikini's @ Club Rio
- Aladdin's Hotel:
* pre-screening for "The Contender"
* lightning show
* V Theater
- Paris Hotel:
*Eifel Tower Observation deck
- Bally's
- Flamingo:
*Antique Car Show
- Harrah's:
*Skin Tight Live Show
- Venetian:
* Gondola Ride
- TI
*treasure island pirate ship

ToNis PiCs
Las Vegas 11/27
Nov 27, 2004

*Warning* massive amount of fish photos = )
-Landing at the Airport 11pm
-on our way to the hotel
-Boardwalk Hotel and Casino(our home for 4 days)
-our 1st stroll on the strip
*next morning
- New York New York
*roller coaster ride
-Mandalay Bay
*Shark reef
-Madame Tussades
*Michael Jordan
*Midnight Fanstasy live show

ToNis PiCs
Going to the Airport 11/26
Nov 26, 2004

- dinner with the family
- on our way to the airport
- a view from the plane going to Vegas

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