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Kids Birthdays Gallore 2005

A Collection of our beautiful Kids' Birthdays

ToNis PiCs
Anastasia's 7th Birthday!!!
Dec 23, 2005

My Spoiled little brat's last minute Bratz Themed Birthday. Thanks for all the money and presents on behalf of my Princess Anastasia, she had the bestest time ever. Muchos Gracias to everyone that attended on such short notice

ToNis PiCs
Ayame's 2nd Birthday
Sep 17, 2005

My gorgeous god-daughter turned 2!!!! 9/14/2005 Sorry baby no gold this year, god-momma is broke. I love you, you evil little beater ; ) j/k I love tough babies. i can't believe she tried to beat me up for stealing her mom (twice) this little girl is a riot. I wish I could give you so much more I love you Ayame thuy thuy

ToNis PiCs
Zachary's 3rd Birthday
Aug 13, 2005

@ the beach house

ToNis PiCs
Kobe's 5th Birthday
Jul 30, 2005

Kobe's Fifth Birthday party

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ToNis PiCs
Makayla's 3rd Birthday Party @ Funworld
Apr 9, 2005

My Baby's 3rd Birthday Bash.
-Gigundo Dora Cake
-A Gazillion Presents
-Carousel Ride for the whole party
- and a lifetime of memories = )
i'm such a corny momma. I love you sweetiepie i really can't believe you're already 3. i'm glad you enjoyed your special day. muah!

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ToNis PiCs
Melanie's 6th Bday 'Roller Kingdom'
Feb 27, 2005

2/19 My god-daughter's 6th birthday at roller kingdom, sorry I wasn't around on your birthdate. Luv ya Mel Mel

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