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PLD 2005

Pho Like Dat

ToNis PiCs
Our weekly routine
Sep 16, 2005

Our weekly routine hang out spot...any of ya'll need to find me, I practicly live at pho like dat on fridays and/or saturdays ; ) hehe

I had the greatest time catching up with my cousin anny i love you chick and miss you so damn much just remember to keep september 15th 2007 free in your date book = )

ToNis PiCs
HuGundo Drinks
Jul 30, 2005

After Kobe's Fifth Birthday party we headed to Pho Like Dat for Hugundo Drinks we also went to Hong Kong a lil later but I was way too drunk to take pics. I got so friggen crunk = )

xanga journal (same as below)

ToNis PiCs
''Bitch Slap © '' The Completed Version
Jul 8, 2005

Some pics are repeated from the previous album, this album contains pics from the Bitch Slap © debut night at Pho Like Dat and the post-party/poker match at me and babe's place

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ToNis PiCs
The Debut of ''The Bitch Slap ©'' The Sample Version
Jul 8, 2005

Continuing our Friday night ritual of hanging at Pho like Dat ©. This night was the biggest turn out of Bar Go-ers thus far. A pretty crazy night of Flamin' Lamborghinis, Slippery Nipples, and my own Creation the ''Bitch Slap © '' orders available to Vip only LOL j/k. This leathal shot contains:Grey Goose Vodka, Hennessy, and the Slap which is made up of Bacardi 151. We got the whole Bar swiggin down Bitch slaps and gettin' tipsy.The review:''It goes down smooth but hits you instantly.'' 5 stars ***** 2 thumbs up ^. It was all in all a great night that was continued at me and my hubbie's place for a weekly poker match. Damn 4 drinks and 7 shots later, and I still had full mobility, talk about high tolerance. it was an awesome night -minus the usual pissyness that I get from high alcohol consumption but I was excused, as usual ; )

Disclosures: toni is the sole creator and owner of the names and rights of the ''the Bitch Slap ©''. Copycats and thieves are not tolerated. Violators will be punished by the fullest extent of the law. LOL
Bitch Slap ©, toni's creations™ 2005 ® he haw juss kidding

The ''Bitch Slap ©'' ish mine;
In the words of Missy Elliot ''copywritten so don't copy me'' (he he)

14 sample pics enclosed, (editing is in progress)

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ToNis PiCs
''Bar Pho Like Dat ©''
Jul 1, 2005

Our usual Friday spot the bar at ''Pho Like Dat ©''

My Xanga blog for Friday 7/1/2005:

ToNis PiCs
''Pho Like Dat''
Jun 17, 2005

(inside joke)
friday nite after an 11 hour day of work. just chillin' eatin' and drinkin'

ToNis PiCs
Pho Like Dat 9/3 9/5