The Chi Town Hustler Twins. Exclusive Photos!

Legendary drag racer Pat Minick and funny car designer John Farkonas, conspire with Greg and Kathy Mosley of the Mosley Mopar Museum to bring back not one but two of the historic 69-70 Chi Town Hustler funny cars!

The "original real deal" 1969-1970 Dodge Mini Charger driven by Pat Minick has been impeccably restored to it's full racing glory and will reside full time at the Mopar Museum.

The "exhibition" Chi Town Hustler is a perfect copy and a new build of the nitro burning Hemi powered funny car and was cast from a mold created off the original body.

IMG 0459

IMG 0459

Taken: April 10, 2009
Uploaded: April 17, 2009
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Captured with:
Canon EOS 50D

  • Jim Woodside (Private)
    3 years 4 months ago
    I am very glad this greatest of all funny cars has been saved. I've wondered It's fate for years. But for heaven's sake why did you paint it the wrong shade of red. I saw the car run on several occasions, and I have it's picture in publications of the era, and It was bright red, I would say the shade of red that the frame appears now on this site.  The car was not a candy red like it appears on this site. If you have a heart, a soul, and blood in your veins, change it,and change it now, and until you do all will not be right in the world. This car's personality was reflected in it's bright color. Aside from that I salute your intentions, but you can do more.