I tried to continue stretching but noticed that I was getting little tiny pieces and long pieces with no bulb in my bathroom sink!!! I had to texlax.....out of nervousness. So, at 10 weeks post...I DID IT! However, I also refused to blow dry afterwards! So, i put all my oils and leaves in, scarfed & baggied then went to bed....the next morning (which it today) It was kinda dry when I woke up but I put some WGO on and was fine. To gear myself up to start doing my Dominican Regimen....I found this dominican salon in Jax called "Reflexion's"...I LOVED IT!!! I saw all the products you all (LHCF SISTA's) have been talking about and they were so yummy smelling when she put them in my hair!! I got my first Dominican "Round Brush" Blow Out *smilez* I am proud that I can finally see my left side doin what its suppose to do now!!
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Bermy Family Pics-Jay Jay's Berkeley Graduation & Cotillion-Harbor Nig
Famiy Pics from my short trip to Bermy this past week. Had to go to my little bruhs graduation...also caught up with some friends & got some sun at Horseshoe Bay!
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1 Year Anniversary! Aug 2006-Aug 2007
Man has it been a "JOURNEY". I am content with my results but feel that I could have done better without so much use of the blow dryer. This is something I have worked on since June (My last texlax) I am hoping through all the I have learned I can retain waaaayy more length than I did for this year. It was fun going through learning curves of the basics now for year #2 I hope to kick it up a notch and go into the Advanced Mode.
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Chasing APL....Update for October 2007
'm 8 weeks post and usually at 9 weeks I get a texlax. This time, I am doing things i wouldn't normally do so that I can try to pass the 9 weeks! I have never gone to the salon before when my hair is this far past due for a relxr. I always go the same week after a texlx. I didn't go to the Dominican salon this go around because I am limiting myself with the amount of heat being used on my hair as I try to get to APL. I went to the stlyist I have been seing on and off for the past 3 years. She hadn't seen my hair in a while and complimented me on the progress (which was a change!)! However of coarse she had something to say about my hair being uneven and how It badly needed a trim. Now yall NO, I stopped the conversation right there. I said, No, i don't want my hair trimmed, clipped, cut, evened out or anything that requires shears. She did a good job with doing a paddle brush blow out then flat iron. However, when it came to the wash and the detangling! OMG...It was not nice! She was coming my hair while wet with a small toothed combed and she started from the roots going downward! (BIG PHAT NO NO!!) Had the nerve to say "Oh, this stuff is knotted! You need to let me relax it!" No No NO...I was ticked but kept calm because she was my only resource outside of going to the DR Salon which I am not ready for yet. Long story short...Here is my update for October 2007. Still Chasing APL! I'm learning to accept my hair grows uneven and the layers are toward the ends now. I just hope i can to my 1st Goal by xmas (Santa APL is on my xmas list!)
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Aug 24, 2006

Since 2004, I decided to let go of hair weaves and focus on developing and growing my own hair. Here is some of the progrees I have made. My hair went from being very thin and fragile to thick with ruged ends. I messed up my progress last year though because I asked my beautician to put highlights in my hair (perm) and now I am trying to overcome some major breakage.

Didn't start t take charge of my hair growth journey on a SERIOUS note until Aug 2006. Major life changing events happened which caused set backs on my focus.

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After Shampoo
Aug 29, 2006

I heard alot of the ladies talking about Apoghee so I went to the store and bought some. I washed with it for the first time today. I will use it a few more times to really get a feel of how it works for me. I purchased the leave in conditioner too, but I am not a fan of liquid leave in's...so we will see how that works too.

These photos really show how bad my hair broke off from not maintaining it and from the hightlights. I will NEVER do that again. I know that I have to cut it eventually...but I am trying to gain a little more length first. When I do cut it, I want it all to be aleast shoulder length. Because I want to be able to atleast bun it!!

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Protective Style W Breakage
Sep 6, 2006

I finally got my 1st order of Surge today. I could not wait to style my hair with it...This is one of the styles I came up with. Its really not a whole lot I can do right now that would accomadate my breaking ends! You can really see that the difference in these pics. My right side is the stronger & fuller side my left side is trying to catch up...but its still much much weaker. I tell you one thing...I have learned my lesson from perm. highlights! My hair is so choppy and uneven.

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September 2006
Sep 27, 2006

Ok! I know I said I would wait to put pics up until October...but, I couldn't wait!! I overcame one of my bad hair routine today, and that was "Blow Drying After Every Wash"! So, i read alot of your procedures on airdrying and tried it for myself.

I did a conditioner wash, then put surge & pantene leave in spray conditioner as a detangler, towel dried a bit, then put my oil mix WGO,Peppermint, & MTG.

Finally I gathered it all back with my hands while applying the oils, and placed it in a loose scruchy....and bunned it to dry! I tell ya...this is a tru journey.

(I got my fist bottle of MTG today...it SMELLS...I only put a few drops in the applicator bottle...we'll see how it goes)

This was my 1st attempt at airdrying in Sept 2006...Didnt go well at all. Thats why i never tried again :(

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October 2006 Progress
Oct 12, 2006

Well here are some progress pics. Today is October 12th and I about 1 month and 1/2 into my hair journey. I dont really see much progress though! I mean, my hair is mad full since I have been using MTG (Thanks LHCF SISTERS!) but I am soooo ready to see the length....dang I can't wait til it kicks in.

My left side especially. It looks as if it is slowly trying to catch up. My ends are still fragile. I figure by February my healthier hair should be at an even length, and I will do a chop then (sigh!).

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New Growth Pics
Oct 1, 2006

I took these pics to show the new growth I have gotten so far from using MTG and taken care of my hair thus far....

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Old Hair Pics
Jan 1, 2005

Here is an album of my hair during the years of 2003-2006....it was on its way to a great start until the got the hightlights.

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Comparison Shots
Nov 22, 2006

Is it growing???I still can not see any difference!! Other than its alot fuller.....

In need of inspiration :(
I started this folder back in November with a 3 month Comparison Shot. Since then, I have decided to dedicate this folder to all of my Comparison shots to come!....So, I plan to do it in 3 month increments if I can.

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December 2006
Dec 6, 2006

I took my hair down from my bun.....and this is what it looked like once I finger combed it. I was very impressed!!! Today was a better hair day for me. It seems to be getting fuller and much more healthier. I cant wait until the length kicks in!!!

I got my ends dusted on this past friday too. I plan to touch up again in Late Dec or January...who knows!!!! This stretching thing gives great results!!

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January 20007

Here are some New Years Day Updates. I see "Sumthin" Happnin....

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Hide Your Hair April Fools Day REsults

Ok. Here it is!......

TADA!!!! So what do ya think? Did i get anywhere?

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Dominican Products-Reserved Album*
Jun 9, 2007

After seeing all the great results that dominican products have to offer, I have decided to make an attempt at converting to using them (solely).

My father is Hondurian (Central America) and I am sick and tired of always going over there and not feeling that my hair is up to standards. My granny has told me for years that I just need to go to one of the salons in Roatan (where my family is from), but I was never quit open to change.

My 1st year in my hair journey will be up in August 2007. My plan is to dismiss my current regimen, which I need to tweak anyways and for my 2nd year....convert to strictly Dominican Products! I need to let go of Blow Drying as well. I am going to force myself to find a way to "Air Dry" this thick unruly head of hair and conquer the ability to manage it without the need for direct heat.

As of today I am about 9 1/2 weeks post texax (Tryna stretch til my 1 year, we'll see how it goes!)

**Update on Stretch, I ended up doing a Texlax on June 12th because i saw some breakage..and did not want to take the risk! I can go longer with more experience in stretching i am sure. Well...at least my intentions were good. Here's to the next stretch!!************************************************

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Airdrying (FINALLY!) & 1st Braid Out Experience

I had to take some pics for my big sis (LHCF) today so I figured I will just create an album about my experience.

I have finally gotten the whole process done with air drying my hair! I have been experimenting for the past couple of washes and co washes with different things under my cabinet in attempt to figure out what works to air dry my hair.

By mistake I found out that my hair does not like to be towel dried! LOL...I got frustrated one day after a co wash, left it drippin wet and just started applying stuff! Needless to say, IT WORKED! I've dont it consistently since then for the last couple of weeks. So, in this album you will find some of the products I use to air dry my hair. It takes my hair about 3 full days to completely dry. Normally, I baggy my ends every single night if my hair is straightened and is completely dry. However, due to it being completely saturated with water and my new found airdrying staples (smiles) i don't baggy during the nights while its still drying. I simply put a satin covering over it and a satin scarf on the rest of my head.

I also tried something new last night...and i think I like it as well! My very first braid out! Let me know what you think....

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My Hair Sept 2007

Just wanted top throw in a shot for the month of September! The more I don't think about my hair the more if grows for some reason...Out of sight out mind = More NG! LOL

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Why yall didn't tell me this would be soooo tiring???

I didn't take a lot of pics because I didn't want to hurt too many eyeballs with my shaggy ends and crazy layers that have a mind of their own.

When i see my stylist this week though I will post more pics.

I'm not going to hold my breath of my sides getting to APL any time soon. (*sigh*)

I am at a lost for words....can't believe "MY HAIR" is at a level I have never seen it before!

Next journey (goal) is to BSL.....then final will be Mid Back.....I hope I can make it there by 2009.

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Feb 2008 Update

I have lost count so please foigve me but, i have not texlaxed since sometime in early December when I did my last update for APL!

I am a little past APL now, got a blow out on this past friday and was so exited! I haven't done alot of creative things lately with my hair other than just leaving it alone for the most part, and keepin it up off my shoulders as much as possible.

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