2012 Custom Calendar

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For Custom Prints and Overlays, please contact us at usphoto@cox.net or call with the album name and the shot number along with the size(s) you want.
We will get back to you with an invoice and options for payment. All photos will be cropped and color-corrected as needed to ensure your memories are the best quality.
Photo Sizes and Prices:
11 X 14 Photo standard photos or Calendars
1- $30.00 2- $50.00 3- $75.00 4- $100.00 or 10- $150.00
8 X 10 standard photos only $20.00
5 X 7s standard photos only $8.00
1 sheet wallets (9- 2 X 3.5’s) $15.00
11 X 14 Custom Designed Posters, including extra photography as needed. Will include the first 11 X 14- $55.00
Serving the Racing Community for over 30 Years!
PO Box 2928 El Cajon, CA 92021
Shipping fees vary, please ask!

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13x19 cal smaller
13x19 cal smaller
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