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ISIS Production Booze Cruise 07.27.2007 Friday

We hit crazy traffic on our way to the city, I didn't think we would make it but we did :)

i'm gonna keep it short by saying that I had a great time :) too great of a time that I did not make it to the after party haha.... i think my night would've lasted longer if we didn't drive, it made me dizzy.. but oh well..

thanks Sang for being a buddy! i owe you one hehe we lost one of our friend and later found her haha.. porn took her under the umbrella...

i made a few drunk phone calls trying to find her @ss... i'm so dumb but atleast we made it home together LOL... let's do it again. when is the next cruise guys???

P.S. the weather was nice and the view was beautiful!!!!

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