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Some Of My Favorites

"Photography & PhotoArt"
I take photos for the sheer "Joy" of it..
To see all the wonderful people through the lens.....Stopping time in motion....Becoming a recorder of life's history...................
Discovering the unendless bounty of Gods glorious nature!!
Photography brings you into contact with the world & it's precious people!
Learning from, & seeing through the eyes of amazing photographers is an honor beyond words...
I dedicate this Album of Favorites..
"To All Photographers,& PhotoArtist" who have Inspired, & encouraged me over the years.
Thank you!! ♥♥♥(((hugs)))♥♥♥ Marilyn

© Photography & All rights reserved by, Marilyn Louise Benham xo

Tasting The Nector

A Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird.. They are such wonderful fearless beautiful creatures.. I am only a few inches away from her yet she allows me to take her photo...

Uploaded: February 16, 2012