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Coming and Going all day long.. :):)
"The Changing Faces of Time"...
"A short study on coming and going"
Time is moving swiftly.. as my age is sure showing....
But I am young at heart.............

© Photography & All Rights reserved by, Marilyn Louise Benham xo

Myself and my Husband David

30th Aniversary in Florida
Married in the year 1975
The Best Man I ever Met!!

Uploaded: February 14, 2007
  • Glorymom United States (Private)
    4 years 1 month ago
    Good looking couple. God has favored you with His countenance. Love when I see people who been married a long time and they're still very much in love.
    My husband, Glen, is the best man I ever met, also. We celebrated our 50th ann'y in May, and both turned 70 this year. Every year we are so grateful that God brought us together.
    Mary Alice
    • 4 years 1 month ago
      Yes 35 yrs  .. woo hoo Glory to God.. it is all because of HIM!!!
      50th wow A Hugh e Congrats to you, & God bless you mightily!!!! :)
      70 whoo hoo.. David & I are still in our fifties... we have a ton of catching up to do... haha!!!
      GiveGlen our Love has to be a pretty special Man... :)(((hugs)))
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    7 years 5 months ago
    Hi Marilyn & David!!! Great looking couple...true love!!!
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    8 years ago
    Another Great Photo. Hello Marilyn & David. Luv Ya.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    8 years ago
    Hello Marilyn and David,
    Your last line, "The best man I ever met!!" It doesn't get any better than that. And I'm sure David says, "The best woman I ever met!!" Florida looks pretty good too. Blessings on you and yours, may your joy continue forever.