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Tags N Extras made by VivK 2008

You may snagg all you want Do not rip apart or claim as your own. I will not honor any new req so do not ask. Both Tags And Extras from last year are in this folder. So Please say TY so I know tags are claimed. Allot still are not.

Extras 2008
All my extras will go here. Do not ask me to make any special ones. They are as offered
albums: 37
Adult Tags Go Here
If you are easily offended by sac or ac tags do not click on these. Please Say TY Once Posted Here these tags are not for req. *******
albums: 6
My Finished Sig Tags 2008
All family tags will go in this folder for the year 2008 Please check all folders and say TY .. Tags will be deleted Feb1st....
albums: 37