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Hoxie versus Walnut Ridge

Hoxie's Robert Hicks Gymnasium Saturday morning, February 10, 2007 housed the PeeWee 5th and 6th grade Girls and Boys games of Hoxie Mustangs versus the Walnut Ridge Bobcats.
The 5th grade boy's games had the Bobcats ahead of the Mustangs at game's end with a score of 31 to 21. The 6th grade Lady Bobcats trailed the Lady Mustangs at game's end with a score of 17 to 23 in favor of the Lady Mustangs. The 6th grade boys' games had the Bobcats and Mustangs tied at the last few seconds of the game, but the Bobcats scored the finial point in the game making it 33 to 34 in favor of the Bobcats.

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