These are wallpapers that Ive made for my desktop...
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Signature Tags
Theses are signature tags that I made, with free pictures or my own photos, if you see a pic I shouldnt have , please email me and I will remove it, all pix used were offered on sites for free, like ex. Photo Casket, or other My space comment pages... Also you may use anything you like, please comment so I know you used it, its neat to know your stuff was liked, also the photos on the name tags are those of me and my friends :)
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Michelle Tiffany Icons!
These are icons that Ive made over the years, your welcome to use them, Ive actually found a few on the My Space Comments web sites which is cool, comments would be nice if you use em but not required...TY
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My Space Jewels
These are things Ive made for use on my My Space page...
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