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Photos of our beloved pets!

Images By Lockridge (c)

A folder of pictures of the dearest horse in my life.

Venture was foaled in 1990. He came into my life in spring of 1993 at the age of 3. He has been with me ever since and ALWAYS will be. After many years as a winning show horse, Venture is now retired. He won many blues mainly as a saddleseat horse, but also won as a hunter (huntseat).

Enjoy these photos.

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  • Images By Lockridge (c)

    Rat Terrier, one of our near and dear "kids"

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    Pomeranian, happily adopted from One-Starfish Rehoming. He came from Indiana.

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    My half-arabian mare sired by *El Ghazi. I'm rather fond of this one!

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    RIP Noah. You were loved and will be missed!

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    Adopted from the Dane County Humane Society as a youngster!

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  • Images By Lockridge (c)

    Strokette is a registered Half-Arabian mare. Strokette has excelled in halter, hunter, dressage, AND saddleseat!

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