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Walks in the local area.

These pictures are all taken within a range of about 10 miles or so of my home.

My East Yorkshire.
Sep 5, 2006

The wonderful area that is home to me. For Mandy, my first photography friend.

Bridges, boats and beer.
Sep 9, 2006

A day out alongside the Humber estuary. This is for my great friend Yair, always the first to see my pictures.

The sunset in Yorkshire....after the storm.

Todays sunset was as red as I've ever seen, a thunderstorm earlier made for some wonderful cloud formations, this is the result. This is for Anne, a special friend.

The last days of summer

The days are getting comes Autumn. This is for my lovely friend Roza.

North Cave wetlands

A walk around the nature reserve on a sunny morning. This is for my lovely friend Kelly.

Brickyard pond and the canal...June to October

Pictures I have taken in three visits over the past 5 months. This is for Tina, a lovely lady.

I came across the hunt.

No animals were injured today...the scent was from a human. This album is for my great friend Shirley.


A walk in the park on a lovely sunny day. This is for my lovely friend Caterina.

Barmby on the Marsh and afternoon walk.

I found a new pond today, one which I will certainly visit again. The water looked lovely in the late afternoon sun....just right for photography.

My Sunday pictures....a February day.
Feb 18, 2007

A gentle stroll around a pond and the wetlands.

Slightly more than 10 for Sunday...April 1st.
Apr 1, 2007

My word it was cold and windy today. I thought I'd blow a few cobwebs away with a brisk walk around Brickyard pond. As you know, it's one of my favourite places and a delightful place for a stroll.