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House of Blues - New Orleans

SHOW INFO (The band would like to thank all of you 1000 fans for making another sold out show possible!):

HOB New Orleans Sold Out Shows Wall of Fame

WWL TV Morning News appearance from Friday, June 22, 2007

The band would also like to thank Mike Moreau for providing the "Crotchfro" outfit to celebrate The Chee-Weez 10th Anniversary.

I owe my sincere gratitude to Robert Guichet for "saving my bacon" by simply bringing his camera which is the same exact model as mine which I brought it without the battery pack because I left it in the charger! If you ever see him please thank him for his "sacrifice" because NONE of the pictures you see in this album would have been possible if he had not been there with the same camera.

Andy P. Jung

cw070623 (24)

Taken: June 23, 2007
Uploaded: June 24, 2007
Captured with:
Sony DSC-W100