Canepa Design trucks

I'm a huge fan of Bruce Canepa Design trucks. I saw the first one when I was in high school and have taken pics of them whenever I saw one. Some of these pics are mine and some have been borrowed from the net. If yours is here and you'd like it to not be let me know. On the other hand if you have one you'd like to see included I'd love to add it to the collection. All pics shown prior to the Canepa Design logo were taken by me.

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    9 months ago
    Vintage Truck and Trailers 03-1200x
    That's my baby!  I drove that truck the entire time it was painted that way.
    It looked like this before the red paintjob was applied;

    Drove that tractor trailer from 1989 through the end of the '94 season when the Pete was replaced with a Freightliner and Ilmor began building engines for Mercedes

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      9 months ago
      I tried to insert a pic from my photobucket account but it wouldn't embed.

  • 2 years 4 months ago
    As it turns out, Canepa supplied components to KW for a couple fleets as well. This one was a part of a fleet that delivered to hardware stores around the Midwest area. Back when it was new(er) it also had the wheel discs.