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Personal MN/Ayurvedic Challenge for Feb

Nightly: Apply 2% MN to the scalp; coat fingertips w/ Amla Herbal Oil and massage into scalp

Weekly: Wash w/ Meera Herbal Hairwash Powder; DC w/ aloe vera cholesterol

Optional cowash between wash days w/ V05 conditioner


Scratch that...stopped using the MN half way thru the month of Feb.


So I made it a whole year without a relaxer! I am quite proud of myself. I have learned a lot about how to straighten my hair (to my liking) and cowashing has been my friend. I don't see a relaxer in my future but then never know =)

19 wks post
I hate thieves...therefore please don't steal my pics

19 wks post

Rollerset with purple rollers and brushed out...

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