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Starting my loc Journey July 09 - Sept 09

Pics of my locs I can hardly wait to see how long it takes for them to take off. I have been contemplating locs for quite some time now. I finally decided to go for it. hope you enjoy my journey! **AUg. 2- I am going to retwist my own locs today I was kinda nervous but it took me a few trips to the salon to get up the nerve to try it myself. Depending on how well I do with self maintenance over the next few weeks will determine if I head back to the shop again. Sept. 8 - I have been retwisting for over a month now I have retwisted almost weekly I am going to head to the shop this coming weekend bright and early on Saturday i am ready for the salon look locs again I need to study more. I am thinking of taking a class on natural hair. I also want to have a natural hair party I heard my cousin and Aunt discussing it sounds like a lot of fun and tons of information to share but if I do it I better move quickly I will let you know. My you tube video

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