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Oct 1, 2005

Lately I am interested in the question of perception in photography. I wonder what a way the usual t ...more

hemes can be presented that makes the spectator unsure. Moving up, that is the purpose of my pictures, not only showing something delightful for eyes. Tilting from restfulness one can take an inner journey and could meet oneself.

Hence the title "Self" is coming from.

I like being in the nature and taking pictures there. Now I look for subjects that touch everybody: rocks, water and trees -- and the inconceivable Light. The lots of branches and leaves make a strange texture. They are repeating each other yet they are different at the same time. Using them in a strange way, together the reflecting images on the water much like different than can be seen on common pictures or with pure eye. The bank of the water hardly seen or are hidden even when the symmetrical axis is dominating. The passing time may be recognized by the moving leaves on the surface of the water.

Originally these pictures are on film exactly like can be seen here, I use analog gear. Converting is simple put the images to the digital wisdom. The only 'manipulation' is to rotate them sometimes. There are three portrait and three landscape pictures. Among them one pair is in the right position, one pair is rotated 180 degree (i.e. they are upside-down) and one pair is rotated 90 degree. This last one inverts the orientation, making landscape from a portrait and contrary making portrait from a landscape. This way one can get more and more abstract pictures, successively it is more and more harder to recognize the elements of the pictures on the photos and easier to launch fantasy.

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(c) 2011 Toth Andras

These more or less monochrome pictures are digitally modified later, that gives two versions of each photo with complementary colors.

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(c) 2011 Toth Andras
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(c) 2011 Toth Andras
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(c) 2011 Toth Andras
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