Peace Beats & Bomb Pops

July Third, Two Thousand Seven. Eight O'Clock.

PEACE, BEATS AND BOMB POPS: A Night of Independence through Unity.

Carefully cradled in the protective custody of downtown LA comes a
different form of creative protest you cannot afford to sleep on. This
is not a party – rather this is a gathering of like minds politely
refusing the establishment's stance through the collective
consciousness of art making. PEACE, BEATS AND BOMB POPS brings
together favorite talents under one sky to give you something you
can't afford to ignore.

Shit will be happening live like it's supposed to: THE PEACE IN IRAQ
PHOTO PROJECT serving as the centerpiece, with fellow artists MEAR ONE
and MARK OF THE BEAST securing the perimeters. Atmospheric
manipulations will be provided by MATHMASS & HAMZTEEZEE plus generous
bomb pop delectables from THE HEARTS CHALLENGER ICE CREAM TRUCK. Look
for T-Shirts generated in real time from members of the HIT + RUN
CREW, along with MIKE THE POET thinking out loud!

Revolutionary beats provided by: Daz,Valida, J. Sole, Phers One, No
MSG,Oakason + various and sundry mystery guests throughout the course
of the evening.

The location alone will get you, guaranteed. Set in a secluded outdoor
venue, you'll be able to relax in a garden setting and lean against a
fifty foot palm tree while still being able to witness one of the
Eastside views of our skyline. What? Yes.

With Celebrity DJ Pablo Aguilar in Photo Auxiliary Control &The Jesus
Soundsystem's Wartime Consigliere managing Special Beverage
Operations, Weinberg + Goldstein invites you to be present making
history in the greatest love affair - Los Angeles.

This event is free because the mind should be.

Extend thought into action. Proliferate consciousness. Put the word out.

  • Queen Feline (Private)
    9 years 7 months ago
    july 3rd 2007 670
    Powerful Women!!!!!
  • suzy flores (Private)
    10 years 7 months ago
    IMG 4669
    I'll spread the word. thanks for the photo
  • WyldeFlower (Private)
    10 years 11 months ago
    july 3rd 2007 670
    I love this... please send this to me luv.

  • 10 years 11 months ago
    july 3rd 2007 288
    i feel bad for those to men in the first infantry with two daughters
    george bush calls them two soldiers, but i call them two fathers..................
    and if he had their back they wouldnt be in Iraq
    they'd be at home full grown, keepin their family in tact
    they'd be here like us
    gimme a stage and a mic and watch me bust!!