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Bad Contractor - Dmitry Gromyko - Denver, CO

Dmitry Gromyko, who works in the greater Denver metro area, performed several handyman/contractor jobs for us around the house. Quality of his work is highly questionable and he refuses to stand behind the work that he does. (Unfortunately, Colorado does not require registration for general contractors.)

Here is the list of the larger problems:
1. Deck and handles are about 6 inches off the foundation.
2. None of the fence gates open.
3. Grout on the bathroom tile job cracked and w/ pinholes.

Pictures in this album illustrate the job that was completed by Dmitry Gromyko on 12/21/06. The job was paid for by check on the following day. Dmitry did not clean up after the job and due to the holidays, we were unable to inspect his work until a couple of weeks later.

When I contacted Dmitry Gromyko in the first part of January to take care of the problem, he said that he will come out to take a look at what has to be done and that he will let me know the following week, when that would be. Three weeks later, he still had not called back. I called him again and told him in no uncertain terms that he must do it before the coming weekend and he promised to show up on Thursday, February 8th. He also asked that I mark problem spots. At 12:30 at night on February 8th, Dmitry Gromyko emailed me to let say that he would not be able to make it on that day and that he would follow up to say when he would. As of today, March 9th, I still have not heard back from Dmitry Gromyko.

This album was created to document Dmitry Gromyko’s poor workmanship. It will initially document only the tile grouting work that he did in my bathroom. Close inspection revealed a deluge of problem spots (both pinholes and cracks). Tape markings indicate the larger more obvious problem spots. Both an overall view and problem details are illustrated. According to experts in the field, these are obviously the result of improper grout mixture. (Dmitry Gromyko used to much water). It is also possible that in several places insufficient force was used to press the grout all the way to the substrate. From the pictures it is obvious that the work must be completely redone.

A link to this album will be emailed to Dmitry imminently. Should he choose to ignore this issue further and not show up to take care of the problem fully and to my ultimate satisfaction within the next 4 days, I will hire another contractor to take care of this problem and send Dmitry the bill. Should the bill not be taken care of within 7 days of being emailed to him or refused prior to that date, I will send out an email with the link to this album to a large number of other Russian-speakers in the Denver area on Baraban.Com email lists. Should Dmitry Gromyko continue to refuse to pay this bill, complaints will be filed with the state of Colorado Attorney General and a local Better Business Office. In addition, a small claims lawsuit will be filed. Other measures will also be taken, as appropriate.

I am determined to make sure that Dmitry Gromyko mends his ways or gets no business in the market he currently serves!

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