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    4 years 4 months ago
    Chunky twistout - back
    Hi. Is it the henna that has your hair two-toned or  is that au-naturale. Also does the henna "loosen" you texture somewhat?


    Hi there. This is my natural hair colour. The 'henna' I use is Cassia also known as 'neutral henna' which I specifically chose because I didn't want to alter the colour of my hair, which i love. That being said, with the flash from the camera (and very bright sunlight) the red/auburn/gold tones in my hair appear alot brighter than they would in regular lighting. 

    I do the cassia treatments to strengthen and thicken my hair. I was having a problem with breakage because of some meds i was on, and since i introduced cassia to my routine I've noticed alot less breakage. I don't think it is loosening my hair texture, I certainly hope not...
  • Gisele69 (Private)
    4 years 4 months ago
    Yummy.  I had some avocados and considered for a minute to use some in my hair.  My stomach won so I ended up eating them all. lol.


    LOL @ "for a minute"  I can understand totally, avocados are so yummy! I think that's probably why this is only about the second or time in my nappy history using avocado on my hair...I usually eat mine too!

  • 4 years 5 months ago
    I need to do some of that. Maybe in a couple of weekends. 


    Yes girl you have to unwind sometimes! This was a beach 'meeting' LOL we did more beaching than meeting though =)

  • Going to run errands and get my eyebrows done
    As a thick-haired natural, I struggle with puffs. Do you have any tips you could spare? (Or hair? I do take hair donations, lol j/k)


    *hides hair under scarf* no hair donations today, sorry! =)

    As my hair got thicker and longer I had to change my technique for doing puffs. I have my technique here in my "Hairstyle how-to's" Album:

    This technique shows how to go from night time plaits to a puff and gives me a neat, smooth puff. I find that if my hair is already loose and i want to go to a high neat puff i usually just divide my hair loosely into a few manageable sections and start in the middle to form the puff just like the tutorial shows. Let me know if it helps...