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Goin on a lil break again...

For those who may have read my blog, yes the blog we haven't updated in AGES lol, you may know that i was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease a while back. (If not u can catch up: )

Basically i had a tumor that was growing on my thyroid which was cancer free (bless God) but given the aggressiveness of my autoimmune disease, the tumor's non-response to hormone therapy and other treatment and the extensive damage already done to my thyroid my doctors recommended that I do surgery.

So I had that done last week. The surgery was successful, but I really can't sit up on the pc for very long these days (I have a BIG HEAVY ole head people, my neck muscles not ready for it yet LOL

So I'm goin to be a good girl and get the rest that was recommended for me. Besides my hair is still in these cornrows since then, so there's nuthen much to see here. I'm doing good, recovering well, I just need to rest up and reduce my time on this computer at nights, so see u later fotki, till maybe 3 weeks or so, k?

Till I get back, stay happy and nappy =) muah!

Uploaded: July 24, 2010
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