VANCOUVER, BC, on the West Coast of Canada
My beautiful city of Vancouver, and area, including Burnaby, New Westminster, Steveston, Ladner, Tsawwassen, and YVR airport.
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Cost and convenience dictate that my visits to the USA are only in the western portion. The USA is almost as large as my country of Canada.
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In March of 2007 I travelled with my friend Anneliese to the northwestern part of Peru, where we spent five weeks. It was my first vacation outside of North America. I now have the travel bug and can hardly wait until my next vacation!
The country of Peru is one third larger than my province of British Columbia. There are many mountains to traverse, so travelling by land takes much longer than one would imagine when comparing to areas that are relatively flat. One can fly, but all flights are either To or From Lima, you cannot flit from place to place. The airlines are small and baggage is limited.
Note: All photographs are copyrighted.
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CARS for SALE -if you've called about the ad, this is the right folder
Respond to the ad that referred you to this site,
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Yes, my friend Robert has cars for sale. Details are noted on each album. He has a collection of cars that he intended to restore for his own enjoyment, but life changes therefore plans must change. They have been off the road for a long time so of course you will not be able to drive them without first working on them, and you will need a tow truck or other transport to move them. Most of the Mustangs have been stored in a weatherproof environment since 1975 (Yes, 40 years) and are in excellent original condition.
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Canada is a very large country. I must admit I have seen only the western half of the country. We have much fresh air and wilderness here. Much beauty. Canada’s total land area is 9,976,140 km2 (3,851,809 sq mi). It is the second-largest country in the world (slightly larger than China and the United States). To get an idea of Canada’s size, compare it with France. France (including the island of Corsica) is 547,030 km2 (211,209 sq mi).
Each province is as large as a country. My own province of British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, is larger than France. British Columbia is 944,735 km2 (364,764 sq mi), which includes Vancouver Island 32,134 km2 (12,407.0 sq mi) The tallest mountain is 4663m.
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Zzz - Wake Up! Take Better Travel Photos. TUTORIAL

My camera is a point-and-shoot. Fully automatic. There is much about cameras and photo editors that I do not know. But I do know what makes a good photo. I hope my suggestions are helpful to you for more than just your travel photos. Good luck! If you have any tips you would like to add, just let me know!

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Swans, Ducks, Herons, Canada Geese & the odd Other birds

Some of these photos also appear in my other albums (eg. Steveston, Vancouver)
Note: All photographs are copyrighted

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Portraits (each with a story)

ALBUM: PORTRAITS Everyone is special in their own way.
Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

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Olympic Village (Athlete's Village) in Vancouver

This location is directly across the water from the stadiums where the opening and closing ceremonies were held for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

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Odds & Ends - No Category

These pics were snapped across British Columbia. Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

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My Favorites

I occasionally develop a special relationship with an image. Sometimes it is simply a memory evoked.

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Hey You - Hello - Always have your Camera ready - TUTORIAL

Be ready... You will not have a second chance to take that photo. Whenever something makes you smile, or it is different than usual, or it catches your attention, raise your camera right away. Take your photo 'now'. If it is still there tomorrow the conditions will be different. Investigate everything and have your camera ready.

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Graveyards / Cemeteries

Come on, have a look. Nothing here to scare you.
Currently all photos are from the Mountain View Cemetery, owned and operated by the City of Vancouver since 1887. This 106 acre cemetery is located along the west side of Fraser Street, stretching for 12 blocks, between 31st and 43rd Avenues.

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FUNKY Restaurants and Lounges
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FIREWORKS in Vancouver

Annually in Vancouver at the end of July there is a fireworks competition involving several countries. Currently most of the pics in this album feature the display from the China fireworks team, who used some unusual 'bombs', giving an asian look to the sky. The first two shots are of the display from the Canada team. Note: All photographs are copyrighted.

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There is nothing sexually explicit here. Purely family photos. Pure and clean. Nothing to share. Do not ask.

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Art Gallery - "Digital Art"

These photos have been altered to give them a different appearance. You could use a simple "filter" to create a similar effect, but for best results I 'prepare' the photo... Some of the originals are good photos and some are rejects because of exposure or focus problems. The rejects are often less challenging because they are already somewhat 'prepared.'

To prepare, usually I lighten and/or darken some of the already light and dark areas, increase or decrease contrast, and blur the entire photo or parts of the photo. Occasionally I increase the saturation of parts of the photo or use another filter (such as 'cutout' or 'cartoon') before I add the watercolor filter. I may even add an oil painting filter before or after the watercolor filter. I have lots to learn about Digital Art, there is much more to Digital Art than this, but these are pretty.

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A Young German's Tour of Vancouver

A young relative of a friend came as a tourist to my city. I offered to show him around. Why don't you join us? Be a tourist today. Do you think Olli enjoyed his visit?
The first week of May, mainly overcast. On our way up Mt. Seymour we drove through a cloud... a new experience for Olli. Other new experiences were the sighting of several humming birds, and the sighting of what we are sure was a seal. On the first day our only tourist visit was a long walk around the seawall followed by a quick drive through Stanley Park. We fit everything else into the second day, starting with Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park near his hostel in downtown Vancouver, then traveling south to Queen Elizabeth Park and continuing from there to Finn Slough in the south part of Richmond. Then crossing the city again to the north and east to Deep Cove and Mt. Seymour, then west and farther north to Shannon Falls near Squamish, and finally south back to his hostel.

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