3. Maria - Lunch with a Quetchua family

An interesting day in a Quetchua home - Lunch with Maria and family.
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Bonnie Wing 2007


So we walk, and we walk, and we walk. It is hot. The others are used to the heat, the altitude, and the climbing, so they do not appear to be in distress. Anneliese and I have layered our clothing to prepare for the cooler temperatures on the mountain top, but I did not expect to have to strip down on a mountain climb so my lightest layer is a lightweight sweat shirt and jeans. It was either wear that or be indecent. I don't know anything about walking up a mountain, I'm a city girl, remember! Someone hands me a hat with a larger brim, attempting to keep me shaded from the heat. Anneliese is always cold so she does not share my discomfort, but she is definitely happy to have her hat. Our fair skin does not stand a chance in Peru. We must be careful.

Uploaded: September 21, 2008