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I've been very lazy with the updates lately, just rarely on Fotki these days. But, I did get a new install (3/21), and DON'T really like this one as much as my first install. Seriously, everything about it is not too much to my liking- cut/style/hair placement. I was thinking of taking it down, but after all the money spent on it & the hair, I'm just trying to hold on. The positives about the weave: No pain whatsoever, no itchies, and feel very comfortable, at least I'm confident I won't have any breakage.

Hair update: It's grown/thicker, but not as long as it was before the last final cuts where it was to my back, but it's getting there. Customers in the salon kept asking me why I was even wearing a weave, and why I didn't just perm or press it-that they would love to see the final results if it was permed, etc. *shrugs*.

Note: I have a love/hate with my hair again and don't know what I'll do to it most times. Honestly, sometimes I think of perming it, yet I still can't see myself parting with my natural hair. However, time will determine what I do with it. So, for now, I'm sticking with the weaves, just don't know if I'll be able to muster the strength stick this one until May.

Note: I remembered I had my camera and snuck to the bathroom to get some pics. Too bad all the back shots came out really dark--had a hard time trying to position the camera and getting the full time:)

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