Fox Body 'Trunk Lift' kit

These are some random shots of the 'TrunkLIFT' system, I have developed for my fox.This was made, in an effort to eliminate the factory option. Which, for most, does not work out well for storing items in the trunk of any height.
The time has come and I have finished, what is assumed to be the final product. I'm extremely happy with the way this project turned out. The trunk opens on its own, flawlessly.
With a little help from Mike Johnson, Associate Editor of '5.0 Mustand and Super Fords Magazine', this product was featured in the "New Product Showcase", as we start to market these systems on a much larger scale.
If interested, please feel free to email me at . The kit can be installed in 20-30 minutes (depending on your skill level) and will retail for around $80 CDN.
Check out for more details.

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Random 'BOTTLFED' Shots

Just a few random shots of my '92 Coupe. Keep checking back for updates. As I get a chance, I will upload pics of the mods that I've performed over the last year or two.

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12" POLK/MOMO Sub, fibreglass enclosure

My first 'Winter 2005' mod consists of a custom 12" sub enclosure which utilizes the spare tire wheel well of my trunk. Like many of my friends, my focus on my coupe is 'attention to detail'. When participationg in National Mustang shows, it has to be.
This was my first crack at fibreglass work. I am nothing short of ecstatic. Surprised myself.
After hours and hours of filling and sanding and filling and sanding......It's finally finished. I sprayed it with three (3) coats of PPG Calypso Green, acrylic enamel to match my exterior paint.
It sounds twice as good as it looks. I'm a happy guy.

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'Rear Seat Replacement'

I am referring to my latest custom project as a 'Rear Seat Replacement', and not a 'Rear Seat Delete', simply because a 'Delete' is performed in an effort to save unnecessary weight. The 'Replacement' on the other hand....doesn't.
To make a long story quite short, creating this was an inexpensive way of upholstering my rear seat to match the newly acquired fronts, while allowing for a bit of extra storage space under the panel.
I purchased a length of ninyl to match the front seat and relayed it to a, well respected, local upholsterer.
I requested him to create a stitch pattern similar to that of my existing front seats. The result is nothing short of perfect.

Note: Pictures with flash, do not do this justice.

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Custom Fuel Tank Cover

Glenn Terlizzi, owner of Glenn's Performance, has provided me with a great piece of custom workmanship. For product information, go to
This cover adds the perfect amount of custom flavor to the, back of an otherwise 'blah', back end.
The factory straps are also replaced with wider, thicker chromed stainless pieces.

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Wheel Disc Project

Winter '05 has turned out to be one of the most productive seasons of the year, as far as car mods go.
To add to my list of modifications, is the Rear Wheel Discs.
Because I have no intention of converting to 5-Lug, and very much, dislike looking at the factory drum brakes, I've been given an idea from a friend of mine, (coincidentally with the same car. A Calypso Green Notch), which he used on his car. The idea was to fabricate a disc that slides over the wheel studs and hub to hide the brakes. Turns out....You can't even notice them once installed. As a matter of fact, it actually brings out the look fo the wheel.
The disc, itself, is laser cut to a diameter, 1" shorter than the inside 'barrel' of the rim, from 14 gauge mild steel and powder coated with a 'sand textured' black finish.
If you're interested in a pair of Wheel Discs, email me at . I'd be glad to look into shipping costs.

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Winter '05 Mod List

As the title says, I have been fairly busy ove the last few months, finishing up 'BOTTLFED' in preparation for the upcoming show season. Trying to stay with the, not so, "off-the-shelf" theme, I've tackled a few custom projects, this year. The list follows:
-billet aluminum nitrous bottle bracket
-custom upholstered rear seat delete
-custom 12" sub enclosure
-custom seats
-billet aluminum rear view mirror
-custom billet aluminum 1/2" wheel spacers
-Custom 'Wheel Discs'
-custom TrunkLIFT system
-custom trunk lid panel
-polished / painted 3G alternator upgrade

I'm sure I'm missing things. As they come to mind, I'll add them and pics.

I've also added a pair of 275/40/17 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials to the rear of the car. In turn it gave me a very aggressive stance.

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September '06 'Modified Mustangs' COVER CAR

Well...the dream has finally come true. I guess it's not really a dream, as I never imagined in a million years that I would have a car worthy of a cover on a national Magazine. The Technical Editor of "MM" is sending out a disc with several pics from the shoot. this folder is to be updated, the moment the pics arrive...

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Latest Mods - Spring '07

Yet again, I took on quite a challenge over the winter. One little intake swap, spiralled into a mini 'overhaul' of the engine bay.
The mods for this season are:
-AFM Power Pipe - 65mm ACCUFAB TB - PP Typhoon intake (with custom polishing/machining) - New injectors - billet PS pulley - Aeromotive FPR - MSD billet Distributor, Taylor Wires - MOROSO (tall) valve covers - 2 core Aluminum Rad with billet cap - FRPP Aluminum DS - New NX solenoids - KVR Slotted Discs - Custom Cowl Panel - Custom Console Plate - Custom Floor Mats - Steeda FWA and quadrant...
It's undergone quite a bit, this winter. As mentioned, it was a simple intake swap that ended up being a bit more. Intake. Then came a throttle body...Then a Power Pipe...etc. All things considered, I'm happy and surprised I finished the job as quickly as I did. With 2 kids and a wife at home, all work was performed after hours, once everyone had gone to bed.
The car runs great and stays cool. The new rad and fan combo definitely do the trick.
Alot of the stuff had been purchased used. So, extensive cleaning, polishing and in some cases, stripping and refinishing had to be performed. All parts requiring polishing or painting was done in my garage or shop booth. The power pipe was stripped and powdered locally.

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