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Wildflowers of East Central Alaska

Photos of wildflowers taken between Twelvemile Summit and Circle, Alaska. This is just a sample of the Alaskan wildflower photos. a larger selection is available at the Circle District Historical Society website at
A guide to the Pinnell Mountain Trail may be found at This is a beautiful 27 mile hike through prime wildflower habitat.

Families: Apocynaceae --> Aspidiaceae
Apocynaceae, Araceae, Aspidiaceae
albums: 3
Families: Betulaceae --> Chenopodiaceae
Betulaceae, Boraginaceae, Campanulaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Caryophyllaceae and Chenopodiaceae
albums: 6
Families: Compositae (Asteraceae) --> Cyperaceae
Compositae, Cornaceae, Crassulaceae, Cruciferae, Cupressaceae and Cyperaceae.
albums: 6
Familes: Diapensiaceae --> Ericaceae
Diapensiaceae, Droseraceae, Elaegnaceae, Empetraceae, Equisetaceae, and Ericaceae
albums: 6
Families: Fumariaceae --> Iridaceae
Fumariaceae, Gentianiaceae, Gramineae, Haloragaceae, and Iridaceae
albums: 5
Families: Labiatae --> Liliaceae
Labiatae, Leguminosae, Lentibulariaceae and Liliaceae
albums: 4
Families: Menyanthaceae --> Orobanchaceae
Menyanthaceae, Nymphaeaceae, Onagraceae, Ophioglossaceae, Orchidaceae and Orobanchaceae
albums: 6
Families: Papaveraceae --> Polygonaceae
Papaveraceae, Pinaceae, Plantaginaceae, Polemoniaceae and Polygonaceae
albums: 5
Families: Portulacaceae --> Rubiaceae
Portulacaceae, Primulaceae, Pyrolaceae, Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae and Rubiaceae
albums: 6
Families: Salicaceae --> Sparganiaceae
Salicaceae, Santalaceae, Saxifragaceae, Scrophulariaceae and Sparganiaceae
albums: 5
Families: Typhaceae --> Violaceae
Typhaceae, Umbelliferae, Valerianaceae and Violaceae
albums: 4