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Never Too Much (Year 5)
My 4 year Locaversary was 8/11/12! Check the video here -> http://youtu.be/aShb0LvVlnk Year 5 . . . here we go!
albums: 1
Light of the Sun - Locs Year 4
My locs turned three on 8/11/11! Here we go!
albums: 2
Loc'd & Loaded - Year 3
8/11/10 marked 2 years of locdom for me! On to year 3 . . .
albums: 3
**Live.Loc.Love.** (iLoc Year 2)
Welcome to my second year of Loc'ing my hair! Enjoy! Beginning 8/11/09 On To the Next One**Months 13-15
albums: 7
iLoc - Year 1
My loc journey has officially begun! I am so excited! "Nappily Every After" (Pre-Journey Pictures) I Decided (That You Are The One For Me)**Month 1** Love Loc'down**Month 2** "What Up, What's Happenin?"**Month 3** "Ain't No Stoppin Us Now"**Month 4** "Let it swang . . ."**Month 5** "She got her own . . ." **Month 6** "She rockin that thang like . . ." **Month 7** "I know you feel good, just like you look" **Month 8** "My Life Would Suck Without You"**Month 9** "BOOM BOOM POW!"**Month 10** "JAI HO! (You are my destiny!)"**Months 11 & 12** http://bsquared86.blogspot.com/ http://twitter.com/bsquared86
albums: 12
It really was a Different World!
My Hair Journey while in college from 2004 to 2008. It really was a different world! -Album 1- Seasons 1 & 2 (Freshman & Sophmore Year)- Press'n'curl girl in full effect! Great length! Explored some color . . . it was good while it lasted, lol. -Album 2- Seasons 3 & 4 (Jr. & Sr. Year) Bounced back from the color fiasco, healthy again . . . but I felt like a little change . . . hmmm -Album 3- VERY SPECIAL EPISODE (my BC) Nothing was wrong with my dear ol' press'n'curl but I decided to mix things up and cut off my pressed ends . . . so much fun -Album 4- Series Finale (Graduation) Rocked the fro and got kinky twists so I would have some hair hanging down from under my grad cap. ENJOY THE SHOW! lol
albums: 4
MACup & More!
***NEWLY ADDED ALBUM*** "True Life: I'm a Product Junkie"-my products and tools "I Lay My MAC Down"-various makeup looks "Who is Bsquared86?"-behind the hair and makeup and fun with paint shop/photo shop "Work That"-various people, hair, makeup, clothing, that I appreciate http://bsquared86.blogspot.com/
albums: 4