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Regimen & Products

My regimen is pretty simple

I moisturize daily
I wash and deep condition once a week
I clarify once a month
Do a protein treatment as needed
Relax Quarterly

I do not apply much heat. I mostly air dry. I flat iron about once a month.

I get my relaxer done at the salon. To prep for my relaxer I do a clarifying wash and aphogee 2 min reconstructer about 5 days before my perm. At this time I also do a DC and mixed with roux.

My stylist uses Design for senstive scalp relaxer. She always base my scalp and put hair protectant on my already relaxed hair. She also give me a protein/moisture deep conditiner

A week after my perm I do another 2 minute reconstructer and a DC and mixed with roux.

The products in this album are my staples.


Garneir Fructis Shampoo - Sleek & Shine

Mositurizing shampoo. It works fine although I am trying to find a good all natural shampoo.

Uploaded: November 21, 2008