1959 Cadillac CDV... Special Order. Calif car
Feb 23, 2018

VERY solid 1959 Cadillac CDV
Black and Gold plates
One family owner until last week
shows 72K on the odometer
Motor does not turn over at this time
Has been off the road for almost 30 years, maybe longer.

Factory Black car with SO code for the interior.
Trunk lid appears to be from a different car, passenger side of trunk lid spring needs an adjustment

Rear bumper is an older re-chromed one that I had with a NOS license plate light

Radiator and misc parts are in the trunk,
I am getting a new trunk lock key for the car,

there is a very peculiar spot of rust on the pass door, in the jamb. There is a picture of it.

Drivers door and rear passenger window do move at this time. Seat is trying to move.

very very solid car. drivers rear has a few pin holes

What you see is what is there at this time.
currently priced at


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1941 Cadillac Convertible- California
Feb 14, 2018

1941 Cadillac Convertible

We found this in a local garage where it had been sitting for many decades....
Prior to storage, it appears that a lot of work and expense was performed in doing the engine and transmission and new wiring harness.

Since it was pulled out of storage a few years ago, a lot more effort and dollars have been put into this car,

Great Freeway -Highway cruiser. This car runs and handles extremely well.
Has NOS fender skirts.

Body is being prepped for paint be a very high end shop.

Cadillac Eldorado Wire wheels. Also have the original rims and tires.

I am listing this on EBAY for a friend.

Contact Frank at tel:925-642-9186 9-6 PST

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1958 Cadillac SDVille
Feb 12, 2018


Recently acquired an original California car with title and Black and Gold plates.

Engine turns over
Old patina Salmon colored paint
Special order one piece headliner
Power vent windows- very rare
Headlight dimmer

Requires a complete restoration. Floors and trunk pans will need attention.

Old California title
Good wide white wall tires mounted on correct rims


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1956 Cadillac Convertible
Jan 10, 2018

Good Builder. Has been sitting here in SoCal for over 40 years.
We have been gathering parts to make the car as complete as possible.

More parts coming...hood goddess, better instrument cluster, etc....
Has a later model Oldsmobile engine in it. Toying with pulling it out. Have not tried to make it run.

Cowl tag shows as a factory 2 tone paint colors
Code 12-50...Canyon Gray with Mandan Red
Interior Code 28...Red and White leather int.
Top Code 1...Ivory (white) Top

Currently priced at $12,500

California title being processed

909 553 2897 PST

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1956 Cadillac Ambulance

1956 Miller Ambulance

Sitting many many years
Needs complete restoration
Currently looking for rear bumper ends

Currently priced at $8900

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1959 Cadillac 75 Limousine

1959 Cadillac Limousine
Orig black and gold California plated with 1976 registration
Good windshield
Divider glass
Engine turns over
Have a better hood and front bumper available for purchase if someone wants them

Currently priced at $9800

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14K Mile 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Persian Sand


Recently acquired what appears to be a very very low mileage 1959 Cadillac Eldorado.

Seems to have been off the road since early 80's. Was probably not used much since the mid/ late 1960's.

Front Uniroyal tires are from the mid 1960's. Rear tires are also Uniroyal, but a different whitewall. Also from the Mid 1960's. Original tire still in the trunk.

We are in the process of cleaning the car up and getting it to run and be a nice driver.

Front brakes, A Arms, Air suspension, etc, were replaced in the early 1990's. It appears they were starting from the front and working towards the back of the car.

Rear brake drums have never been turned and the shoes/hardware, etc...are ALL original

We are putting new gas tank, fuel lines, brake lines, master cylinder/booster onto the car now.

We will work on the rear air suspension after that. All the windows work and wipers, and seats, along with the interior lights

The convertible top is the ORIGINAL top, with original rubbers, well, and pads.
Steering wheel is near flawless with virtually all of its texture in place.

Seems that the car was garaged kept for its entire life.
Story has it that the car was a Promotional/Contest giveaway to a GM Employee and the car was delivered new, to Los Angeles.
At some point the original owner/family had the car moved to Missouri. In the early 90's, the car was sold to the collector that we purchased it from along with 4 1960 Cadillac Eldorado (builders)

Original Distributor Cap, rotor, even has a super clean distributor shaft with orig grease still visible.

Many components under the hood are incredible. Battery box in excellent shape, generator hose in excellent shape, correct date coded generator, air cleaner housing is very nice, under the valve covers, no oil buildup or sludge....Plus more

Changed the oil, it was still very clean, apparently it was changed about 700 miles ago, according to the oil change card in the glove box.
Also checked the sludge level in the oil pan and it was very very minimal, about 5/32 of inch. Hi mileage car would be well over an inch of sludge.

Also ran a camera/scope down the cylinder holes and did not see any "ring wear" at the top of the cylinder walls.

Interior is 100% all orig.. carpets and mats also.

This is a work in process. More pictures will be uploaded later.

Some of the paint appears to be original, it has some work done and should be re painted to make into an extraordinary car.

7/15/2017---Engine runs great, very tight and responsive. Went through the carbs, orig fuel pump still working.

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1961 Cadillac Eldorado

1961 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
VERY low production car
Factory AC car.
Needs the interior done.
Nice older White re paint
Chrome all original
New starter, battery, master cylinder, etc...
Factory coded BUCKET seat car
Newer buckets in the car with 6 way power seats


Lots of Cadillac parts available
909 553 2897 PST 9-6pemail CadCliff at Gmail dot com

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1955 Cadillac Broadmoor Skyview Station WAgons

These cars were custom built for the Broadmoor Hotel/ Resort in Colorado Springs Colorado.

Supposedly designed by Harley Earls team and built by Hess and Eisenhardt at a cost near $15,000.00 each.

There were 6 built in 1955 and 2 in 1956.

The 1955 Wagons were made with the Eldorado rear wheel well openings.

All were 12 passenger vehicles with 4 rows of seats and 4 plexiglass roof panels for viewing.

I have Three of the Six 1955 Wagons that were built

Currently asking $34/$44/$54
909 553 2897 PST 9-6p

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1956 Cadillac Broadmoor Skyview Wagon
Apr 1, 2016

Good builder quality car

Running and driving Wagon from the Broadmoor hotel. Needs to be restored. Decent interior, runs well,
Wire wheels are no longer on the car.
Most of these pictures are from a couple of years ago.
Stock rims and hubcaps are on the car now

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1956 Cadillac Custom Limousine- Franco of Spain
Jul 13, 2014

This car was customized by the Spanish government for the then dictator of Spain- Generalismo Francisco Franco

Currently located in California


Lots of Cadillac parts available
909 553 2897 PST 9-6pemail CadCliff at Gmail dot com

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MOST PARTS ARE 1953 through 1964
SOME 1941, 46, 47, 49, 51 PARTS





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May 1, 2016

MOSTLY 1953-1964
Lots of Cadillac parts available
909 553 2897 PST 9-6pemail CadCliff at Gmail dot com

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1964 Cadillac CDV- LOADED

Bucket seats w/ console
Power door locks
Cruise Control
Power Vents
Trunk release
Trunk pull down
Autronic Eye
EZEye tint glass
Air Conditioning
Seat Belts


Long time dry California car that has been sitting for many years. Low mileage on odometer.
All glass is out, floors are weak.
I have glass for the car.
Will try to get it running soon.

email CadCliff at Gmail dot com

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Advertisements 20's-50's Magazine articles

2 file boxes full of small ads and magazine articles. Most appear to be 20's-30's with some stuff going into the early 60's.

Will sell all items in one lot for $150

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