I am a product junkie

Hello, my name is Candice and I am a Product Junkie....My product of choice is basically whatever I can get my hands on...LOL j/k
Actually, if someone recommends a product, I do a little hands on research and if it seems ok, I incorporate it into one of my many hair regimens.

Swiper no swiping!!!


What more can I say...it's a old school favorite. I use JAM when I do twist outs. I just apply some to my edges and brush my hair to slick down all lose strands. The result: My JAM twist outs always makes me look like I am of mixed ethnicities. FYI, all JAM gel hold levels are good but beware that the light hold gel melts on hot days i.e. you might end up looking like you have jerry curl juice runnibg down your neck. Happend to me twice--true story.

Uploaded: August 22, 2007