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Drifting At The Nashville Nascar Speedway

I grew up with an older brother and cousins who were all boys so I was a tomboy until about age fourteen. I still have a passion for motorcycles and racing. The Nashville Nascar Speedway has a participation program on days that no Nascar races are being run that's called "Drifting." People can enter the contest and compete for the fastest time on the course. There's lots of burning rubber, noise, and thrills. It was quite a test for my new camera and me because the cars are moving so incredibly fast! This was difficult to shoot!! Hope you like some of the shots. It was great fun!

Copyright - Photos By Carolee

A Mighty Brave Track Official

The fence in the background was taken out by one of the cars that spun out of control. The official was not in the direct course path, but he seemed extra brave after that!

Uploaded: October 10, 2006
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