This will document my first year of transitioning. I hope to find a regimen that works for my time and hair. Also I hope to transition for at least 2-3 yrs before I cut all of the permed end off, (I really don't have much left, my mini chop I cut a lot). I know my hair grows in no time if I take care of it, with washings and moisturizing. During this year of transitioning I will try the CG (curly girl) Method, which is washing my hair only with deep conditions and co-washes. I have already stopped the shampooing, if this doesn't work I will go back to shampooing and conditioner. Goals for year 1: Replenish my extra extra dry hair Find a regimen w. products that work for me Get to know my natural texture/hair Get some length.. the ultimate goal!! Stay tuned for more photos of my process. My YouTube vid (Cfergie1784) will be updated every couple of months I did my first vid, so the next will be done in month three of transition. ~ C ******* Update/ Changes......******** So... I didn't make it throught the long transitioning that I had hoped to embark on. It was TOTALLY by choice I was just too anxious to get to know my hair, the hair I will have for the rest of my live, heaven permitting!! Therefore I did the Big Chop in my 6th month (6.25.2010) of transitioning and I don't regret it on bit!
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BC & Beyond...
I had hoped to transition well beyond a year but that wasn't in the cards for me, of my own doing, of course. This folder documents my first year completely natural. I bc'ed June 25, 2010. I can't wait to do the comparison of when I first big chopped to when I reach my one year since then. December is the anniversary of one year with out a relaxer!!
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Relaxed Hair...

These are photos of me with relaxed hair up to the last month when I relaxed my hair.

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