5.5-7 months after BC 11-13 months

This is 5.5 to 6 months post BC and 11 to 12 months post relaxer.... How time definitely passes when you have you hair in protective styling just so you won't mess with it. I am VERY, VERY, VERY pleased with the growth from the time I did my BC in June to now. I retained length and no only that my hair isn't dry. I have many many products in my possession and I will see over the next month or so how my hair reacts to them. I will update pics accordingly. Here's the first of many twist/braid outs I will be doing til the end of December where I will protect my hair again for another 3 months. 9 months post BC pics in MARCH!!! After which I don't think I will protect my hair with braids again I may just rock it all the way, but we'll see in twenty eleven...... ciao!


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Uploaded: December 02, 2010

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