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Fishing Day at Heritage Park 06/10/06

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Charles Weber
Heritage Park 06/10/06


First of all I would like to thank everyone for coming to the event and I hope you enjoy the photos. Now, first thing you need to do is find the photo you want, then click on it, after the photo enlarges in your web browser there will be an option that says "get original" click on this and it will let you download it. After downloading, you can print the photo anywhere you please, but remember I am using the "Adobe RGB 1998" Colorspace, so if you have a home printer, make sure you select this color space to get the best quality print (or else it won't look like you are viewing it on the screen). You can also purchase the photos if you wish and they will be shipped directly to your home, and feel free to let me know if you really like one of the shots and want some extra post processing work to be done on it for a nice big print. Also Feel free to browse my site, this is my personal site and not my professional one, but I still have some pretty decent shots up here.


Charles Weber

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