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Braided up!! Months..2-3

I am so pleased... I've been getting such postive feedback with these braids!! On and off the fotki boards! LOL.. People stop me ALL the time and I've been referring people to this braider like crazy, "Thanks ladies yall are so sweet in taking the time to leave such beautiful comments." I love it! lol
(now for the real description of this album! lol)
I really enjoyed my twa, but I needed to leave it alone for a while, I was constantly in it doing stuff! lol and constantly trying a bunch of products. I needed a break, and with it being winter, I think it' s perfect! I won't have to leave the house with my hair wet all the time. My hair is going to get a much needed break and a chance to grow in peace! Grow hair grow! (here's a link to the hair that was used for my braids, I used a 1b in color) My braider braided in slight layers, and she cut it shorter so it will look a little different. but this is the same hair:

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